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Mermaid Salt Vodka


A delicate vein of salt creates a back note that makes Mermaid Salt Vodka an essential ingredient for any well-stocked bar - an ideal flavour enhancer for adventurous cocktails, or a classic dirty martini. Distinctive and unique, Mermaid Salt Vodka is a favourite with creative mixologists, adding a hint of sea air to their creations.

Mermaid Salt Vodka is grain distilled, with the subtle addition of Wight Salt rock sea salt for smoothness. Harvested naturally, the salt is collected in a solar still, using the sun's energy and a simple scientific process to draw the salt from the seawater. The slight natural sweetness of Island salt provides the spirit with a unique character. Each batch of vodka is hand-crafted using our column still and then blended with Isle of Wight spring water in small batches. 

A smooth and subtle contemporary style vodka, Mermaid Salt Vodka provides fresh sea air on the nose and a delicate savoury salt flavour. The finish is clean and long.


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