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Pure Rainforest Chocolate

Pure Rainforest Chocolate

This artisan dark chocolate is made from wild cocoa beans, grown sustainably by small farmers in Fiji, Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela and Peru. It contains no milk, lactose, soy, lecithin or additives. It’s vegan, and 100% slavery and deforestation-free.

When Heidrun and Hans Jørn Koefoed – cook and farmer, respectively – call their chocolate handmade, they mean it: every bean has passed through their hands. Creating high-quality, bean-to-bar chocolate is a long process that takes passion.

Pure Rainforest Chocolate is made in Denmark, using beans from a chemical-free environment. The flavour is powerful, because it uses minimal processing. You need only a small piece for the full experience.


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  • Chocolate-tea

    05 Mar 2024
    Contains 100% cocoa husks.
  • A naturally bright sort of cocoabeans, looks like milkchocolate, but we do not use milk!
  • 70% Criollo from Peru

    05 Mar 2024
  • Natural vanilla pods, ground together with cocoa beans.


  • Chocolatecake from Bornholm

    05 Mar 2024 Heidrun Koefoed
    150g Fiji chocolate 150g sugar 150g butter 1 tbsp vanilla sugar 5 eggs 200g flour 2 tsp baking soda 50g Valrhona cocoa powder For the filling: buckthorn jam For the icing: 200g Fiji chocolate 50g butt ...
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