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31 May 2020

Chef Romy Gill's Tarbuj Ka Salad

Chef Romy Gill's Tarbuj Ka Salad

Indian chef Romy Gill has shared her simple recipe for watermelon salad. Romy will be appearing in the Speakers’ Corner at the National Geographic Traveller Food Festival to talk about her book, Zaika: Vegan Recipes from India.

Tarbuj ka salad
1 small watermelon, halved
1 lime, juiced (if you don’t have lime, use the juice of half a lemon)
½ tsp sea salt (substitute with chaat masala or mango powder, if you have these to hand)
2 tsp chopped fresh mint 
½ tsp black pepper, crushed 
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and serve. It’s refreshing, delicious — and very simple to make.


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