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What time does the show start?
Saturday 16 July: 10am-6pm
Sunday 17 July: 10am-4.30pm
Where is the nearest tube station?
Angel Station is the nearest Tube Station and is 5 mins away from the Business Design Centre.

Do I need to register for any sessions?
The only session that requires registration is the Wine Tasting Theatre, all of the other sessions do not require registration.
Do I need to pay for the wine theatre session?
No payment is required for the Wine Tasting Theatre, you will just need to register in advance. Slots are allocated on a first come first served basis.

Who is performing?
To see a full list of our special guests, click here.
Who is exhibiting?
To see the full list of our exhibitors, click here. 
Where are the toilets? 
All toilets are marked on the floor plan and there are toilets on every floor. 
Ground Floor: 
Stairwell B Men’s 
Stairwell C Women’s 
Stairwell E Men’s 
Stairwell F Women’s 
Stairwell G Men’s 
Disabled toilets all at Stairwell B on all floors. As well as top gallery level at Stairwell F. 

Is there a baby changing facility?  
Baby changing is on Stairwell G Mezzanine Level and Stairwell C Gallery Level just down from the main Jack’s Café. 
Where can we go to cool down?  
The Gallery Hall is a room reserved for keeping cool. If you need to cool down, head to Gallery Hall which is located on the second floor. 

Can people come in and out of the event?                
Yes, they can show and scan the same ticket to re-enter. Tickets are sent via email so everyone should have their ticket on the phone.                                                                                  

Disabled access?
All our reception desks are fitted with DDA-compliant registration points for people in wheelchairs.
All levels of the venue are accessible via passenger lifts, with low-reach buttons, braille, back mirrors and distress alarms. Every staircase in the BDC has handrails. All publicly-accessible areas of the venue are well-lit. 
What are our subs offers for the day and where is the subs stand? 
4 issues for £4 (3 NGT and 1 NGTF) – Direct debit only
14 issues at £14 plus a flask – Direct debit only
The subs stand is on stand B31 and located right next to Speakers’ Corner 
Do you have to pay for food? 
•    Yes, as part of the Marketplace - where the Gallery bay stands are – stands will be selling food etc.
•    On the Mezzanine Floor there will be free samples handed out by Exhibitors.
Where are the water points? 
There are 8 water stations dotted around the venue. The water stations are highlighted in yellow on the floorplan below.


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